Which of Jane Austen's heroine are you?

Jane Austen the amazing English author for Pride and Prejudice. But Jane Austen has other amazing heroines in her other novel as well might match your personality. So if you want to know which of Jane austens heroine are you then you should take this quiz to find out.

Which of Jane Austen's heroine are you?

Jane Austen is one of the most famous female English novelist 18th century. Her novels revolve around strong female characters who are sighting from patriotic and the roles women were supposed to perform in 18th century England. Marriage and women freedom has been most prominent themes and problems that she has shown in her novels. The women the heroines that she portrays in her novel are very inspiring and have different characteristics which might match your personality.

Get to know which Jane Austen's heroine are you?

If you want to know which Jane Austin's heroine matches your personality then you should take the quiz defined out because this quiz is very fun and will easily we get to know your answer.

Anne Eliot

You are Anne Eliot. 

Elizabeth Bennet

You are the beautiful Elizabeth Bennet. 

Catherine Morland 

You are Catherine Morland. 

Fanny Price 

You are Fanny price.