Am i Passive or Active?

We all are different kind of people but in general all of us can be categorised as a passive person or an active person. So if you want to know in which category do you sitting whether you are passive or active then you should take this quiz to find out.

Am I passive or Active?

We all are very different in personality and we all have different characteristics which makes us very unique. But we can we categorized as passive people or active people. Passive person is a person who lives everything on the fate and say yes to everything and has the lot of different quality is well. Whereas Active person have confidence and themselves and self-control as well. 

Get to know if you are active or passive?

So you want to know whether you are an active person or a passive person then you should take this quiz to find out because this quiz is very fun and you will get to know your answer very easily.


You are a passive person. 


You are an active person.